Let’s Play: Destiny Nightfall Strike #15 The Shadow Thief (19/05/15)

House of Wolves is finally here and so is the new Strike. Its a refreshing change of pace that doesn’t follow the normal format. Enjoy


Let’s Play: Destiny Nightfall Strike #14 Will of Crota (12/05/15)

The last Nightfall before House of Wolves and we have to take on Omnigul again. This time we are all on our secondary characters as the first recording went a bit wrong. And you can see that things are very different.


Let’s Play: Destiny Nightfall Strike #13 Winter’s Run (05/05/15)

Is this two weeks ago, this seems harder than two weeks ago. Well its Aksor again with a rainbow burn. Seems someone is trying to remind us there is a Fallen based DLC coming out soon. Devils Lair next week.


Stufff and Things: Destiny April Iron Banner

Aprils Iron Banner in Destiny has just come to an end. My main goal from this was to get the Warlock coat cause Destiny is basically a coat sim to me. Here is a montage of how i got to Rank 4.


Marvel Collector Corps April/May 2015 Unboxing: Avengers Age of Ultron

Marvel have gotten in on the mystery box craze and bring us collector corps! I finally got my hands on the first box and today I open it and see all the goodies!


This Week In Binarycore #134

I am really enjoying this Couch Co-op series, even if we cant agree on what it should be called. The second episode of Halo CE as part the Master Chief Collection is up this week where I find out how to toggle the graphics. What special buttons will i find next?

This weeks Destiny Nightfall strike is one of the hardest we have had to do, we didnt wipe, but we had some problems. Omnigul is far too dangerour to give a Rainbow Burn.

In addation to our videos, this week we have gained an Intragram Widget. Now apparently we have had the account for a while and just didnt use it. This is cause I thought I was one I made for personal use, but not it was a Binarycore one. On the right side of the homepage you will now see updates in the form of images that will show some Behind The Scenes content. This will be things like recording or editing or any sort of Binarycore related event thing. Its just another social media for us to abuse, go follow us or whatever Instagram call it.


Let’s Play: Destiny Nightfall Strike #12 Will of Crota

Will of Crota is normally a pretty straight forward Strike to do, but this time with a rainbow burn. It is a challenge to say the least.


Couch Co-op: The Master Chief Collection Halo CE (Part Two)

Ok so we have made it off the Pillar and on to the Halo. Lets start hunting things and saving people. InanePanda and Spyro are basically Hunters who only look for the aliens.


Let’s Play: Destiny Nightfall Strike #11 Winter’s Run

Rainbow burn on a nightfall, it has been a while. Aksor wont know what hit him, and neither will we. Also we speculate on what tomorrows update will be about.


This Week In Binarycore #132

One of our busier weeks this week, we aired a new show. So if you are into split screen lets plays or Halo, then go check out Couch Coop of Halo CE on the Master Chief Collection.

As always we are Destiny Nightfalling, and so is the rest of the world cause its not Valus. This time we have alot to talk about as House of Wolves DLC has been announced along with a trailer. Far too much to talk about, and with new information coming out weekly i am sure we will have more to say next week.

Its unboxing time and this months My Geek Box is Alliance themed. I wonder what WoW theme’d goodies i will get.



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