NFL Predictions: Week 4

It’s week 4 of the prediction league and unfortunately we don’t have a video for you this week. We do however have our usual picks! Dadge leads the competition between me and himĀ 20-18 as it stands, but so as to make it so that anybody can join in (see end of post for how to join) and not start way behind on the points scale we are going to average out the regular season score to get the final score. With that system, Dadge is on 10 points and Blaze stands at 9.


With that in mind, here are Dadge and Blazes picks:


Gem – Patriots vs Cheifs – Patriots
Bust – Packers vs Bears – Packers
Game 1 – Lions vs Jets – Lions
Game 2 – Dolphins vs Raiders – Raiders
Game 3 – Eagles vs 49ers – Eagles
Game 4 – Giants vs Redskins – Redskins
Game 5 – Panthers vs Ravens – Panthers
Game 6 – Bills vs Texans – Texans
Game 7 – Titans vs Colts – Colts
Game 8 – Buccs vs Steelers – Steelers
Game 9 – Jaguars vs Chargers – Chargers
Game 10 – Falcons vs Vikings – Falcons
Game 11 – Saints vs Cowboys – Cowboys


Gem – Steelers vs Buccaneers – Steelers
Bust – Packers Vs Bears – Packers
Game 1 – Lions Vs Jets – Lions
Game 2 – Dolphins Vs Raiders – Dolphins
Game 3 – Eagles Vs 49ers – Eagles
Game 4 – Giants Vs Redskins – Giants
Game 5 – Bills Vs Texans – Texans
Game 6 – Panthers Vs Ravens – Ravens
Game 7 – Titans Vs Colts – Colts
Game 8 – Jaguars Vs Chargers – Chargers
Game 9 – Falcons Vs Vikings – Falcons
Game 10 – Saints Vs Cowboys – Saints
Game 11 – Patriots Vs Chiefs – Patriots


Remember if you want to join in all you have to do is submit your picks for this week below, keeping the format demonstrated above here


A win will always afford you at least 1 point but Gems and Busts can win you more points if conditions are matched. A gem game is a where 3 points are awarded but the team you pick must win by more than 6 points. 1 point is still awarded if your team wins, but it is by 6 points or under. A bust game is where 1 point is awarded if the team you pick to win in fact lose, by 4 points or under and again a point is still awarded if your team wins.

This Week In Binarycore #116

We are almost at the end of the month and so the end of Loadout for Multiplayer Madness. Its been a good experience, think we might return to normal after. But you still have this week and next. So enjoy.

We have some major technical difficulties with this weeks Throwback Thursday. We played Blue Shift, which is a spin off from Half Life and is a brilliant game. It all recorded but on playback the audio was terrible. We try our best to bring quality work to our viewers and so decided just to scrape the footage. Next week we hope all works correctly.

With Indie Corner we finally find our Spore like game with Solar 2. Instead of creature evolution we start off as an asteroid and try to become a blackhole. Its an awesome indie and cheep game. People should check it out on steam.

Blaze and Dadge are back for their week four predictions for the NFL predictions. This week they do not have a video but we will get all the prediction information we need to know who they think will win.


Indie Corner: Solar 2

A while back we were looking for a Spore like game that, instead we found Evolution II. It wasnt very good. Now we have found Solar 2, its like Spore but in space. Its an awesome game about an asteroid that has aspirations to destroy the universe.


Multiplayer Madness #27 Loadout

his week i try to make a new outfit for my character, and then they try to charge me. Well fuck that! On with the shooting.


NFL Predictions: Week 3

Blaze and Dadge predict the results of Week 3 of the NFL season.

Blazes Picks:

Game 1 – Packers vs Lions – Packers
Game 2 – Redskins vs Eagles – Redskins
Game 3 – 49ers vs Cardinals – 49ers
Game 4 – Chargers vs Bills – Chargers
Game 5 – Ravens vs Browns – Ravens
Game 6 – Titans vs Bengals – Bengals
Game 7 – Cowboys vs Rams – Cowboys
Game 8 – Texans vs Giants – Texans
Game 9 – Colts vs Jaguars – Colts
Game 10 – Vikings vs Saints – Vikings
Game 11 – Broncos vs Seahawks – Broncos
Game 12 – Chiefs vs Dolphins – Chiefs
Game 13 – Steelers vs Panthers – Panthers
Game 14 – Bears vs Jets – Jets
Gem – Raiders vs Patriots – Patriots
Bust – Buccaneers vs Falcons – Falcons

Dadges Picks:

Game 1 – Packers vs Lions – Packers
Game 2 – Redskins vs Eagles – Eagles
Game 3 – 49ers vs Cardinals – Cardinals
Game 4 – Buccaneers vs Falcons – Falcons
Game 5 – Chargers vs Bills – Chargers
Game 6 – Titans vs Bengals – Bengals
Game 7 – Ravens vs Browns – Ravens
Game 8 – Colts vs Jaguars – Jaguars
Game 9 – Vikings vs Saints – Saints
Game 10 – Texans vs Gaints – Texans
Game 11 – Cowboys vs Rams – Cowboys
Game 12 – Chiefs vs Dolphins – Dolphins
Game 13 – Steelers vs Panthers – Steelers
Game 14 – Bears vs Jets – Bears
Gem – Raiders Vs Patriots – Patriots
Bust – Bronchos vs Seahawks – Seahawks

My Geek Box September Unboxing: Apocalypse

This months My Geek Box is Apocalypse themed. So you know we are in store for some zombie, Fallout type items.



Indie Corner: Really Big Sky

Really Big Sky is a game with awesome sounds and brilliant colours. Its also a sidescroller shooter where you play as a little ship in a sky that is much to big for you. Sometimes you have to drill through planets and kill a dinosaur.


Thowback Thursday: Final Fantasy VII Part 2

So, I think it’s about time we stop wasting our time sitting on a train and get into some proper Final Fantasy action… Let’s see how feasible that is this week.


Binarycore Podcast #37: Microsoft Buys Mojang

So Microsoft are buying Mojang for $2.5 Billion Dollars, and here at Binarycore we are very much into Minecraft and so have lots of opinions on the matter. We go through the pros and cons of the acquistion and what we thing will happen to our beloved game.


Multiplayer Madness: #26 Loadout

Really starting to get the hang of this game. I mean i am not winning any matches or anything. But soon maybe.



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