Multiplayer Madness #5: Black Ops 2

Double helping of Nuke Town 2025 on Multiplayer Madness this week. Will Blaze and I get a positive KDR?


This Week In Binarycore #93

Monday brought us more Multiplayer Madness in  Black Ops 2. Dont know if we will ever find out why Blaze gets more points than me, hes not that good right?

Thursday we threwback to the first of our two weeks playing Rainbow Six Vegas. This week we check out one of the terrorist hunt maps and see if we can make the world a safer place.

So we started back up with Indie Corner, and i was happy. But then we had to play The Chickening, and i was sad. This game is one of the problems i have with Indie where anyone can make anything. But Blaze had fun, and so did the internet as i know of three people (so far) who have bought the game due to our video. So if anyone finds out how to defeat the tiger in the bin (not the well) let us know.

More procrastination reel work work our Welcome To Partreon video. I think there is one or two left in this series. But soon we will be moving into our new recording location and so will only be making a new Patreon video. So probably continue with this series.

Thanks for watching and see you next week.


Welcome To Patreon: Procrastination Reel #2

The second of our procrastination sessions of trying to make a video for Patreon. This time we work on our product placement skills.


Indie Corner: The Chickening

Blaze decided that the best way to spend a Friday is to play something called The Chickening. Stupidly I listened to him.


Throwback Thursday: Rainbow Six – Vegas Terrorist Hunt

This week, Spyro and I take down some terrorists in Tom Clancy’s Ranbow Six: Vegas


Multiplayer Madness #4: Black Ops 2

Blaze and Spyro contemplate the difference between a boat and a ship while shooting people on a ship… or is it a boat?


This Week In Binarycore #92

So this week we launched with Patreon. Its a site much like Kickstarter but with the idea of crowdfunding creators and not just projects. Blaze and i released a video of us in front of his green screen (which we didn’t use due to lighting) and talked about what it is we aim to do. Our main aim with it is to be able to produce better content for people who watch or read or stuff, and also to get funding to support the site. We will have perks for people who become patrons of us as well as content only for patrons or early access to content. In making this video in true Binarycore fashion we procrastinated and went off on tangents, so we also released the first of many videos about what we got up to while not actually working.

Multiplayer Madness episode three was released this week where Blaze and I play Resident Evil 5. We take on one of the Mercenaries maps and kill us some zombies.

Soul Caliber 4 is this weeks Throwback where Blaze shows off his button bashing skills with a character he created, boy does he love customization and character creation. He made a him!

We started something months ago where we would look at indie games on the 360 market but we only did one episode of this. This will now be a weekly occurrence and we kick it all off with Procedure Wars. We play the game for the eight mins the trial will allow and get to grips with what the game is meant to be.

Thanks for watching this action packed week at Binarycore. We will soon be moving to a new “office” which will allow for more and better produced content. I hope you like what we will have to offer, and maybe even support us on Patreon.


Welcome To Patreon: Procrastination Reel #1

In our attempt to make a Patreon video we ended up with a lot extra footage. Its not a blooper reel as we didn’t really mess up, we just took a long time to get to what we wanted to do. Procrastination and tangents, it is the Binarycore way after all.

This is the first, of about three or four videos of Blaze and Spyro, not doing what we set out to do.


Indie Corner: Produce Wars

Time to check out some Indie games with Produce Wars. Its Angry Birds with fruit with a little bit of Donkey Kong thrown in.


Throwback Thursday: Soulcalibur IV

In this weeks Throwback Thursday we are playing a game with customisation again, but this time, we avoid it and use a pre-created character, can I conquer the arcade mode?



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