This Week In Binarycore #126

This week in Destiny Nightfall we are on Mars and taking on Valus Ta’aruc, this is obvious as we are Xbox players and so don’t have that Playstation exclusive Strike. Lucky fucks. Also it wouldn’t be in rotation for Nightfall. I think i am going off topic. This week Little Pesh, InanePanda and myself take it on in what we think is going to be the first time we dont pull it off first time.

We are almost ready to bring in a new show called “Couch Coop” where two Binarycore staff are going to play through a game the best way how. Split-screen. That’s right we are going to reduce our visibility to make room for a friend. And mostly this will be a happy thing. So keep an eye out for this.

Later Days…


Let’s Play: Destiny Nightfall #4 Cerberus Vae III (25.02.15)

A little late on the upload but we got there in the end. We welcome the return of InanePanda joining Little Pesh and myself. But we do not welcome the return of the Epic Angry Juggler and his friend Lightswitch Nightfall. Also crying.

Again we have no burns when taking on this weeks villain who is Valus Ta’aruc. Check out how well we did against the armoured bullet sponge!


This Week In Binarycore #125

It’s this point where I think due to it being so long since I have done a TWIB that I have the number wrong, but I am pretty sure it’s 125. Been wanting to start this up since we started posting again, but I forgot. But I am doing it now and that’s what is important. So on with the video talk.

This week marks the third time we have done the Destiny Nightfall on camera. Previously it has been Little Pesh and InanePanda with me, but this week Panda (who is also Bambi, and DeerBeth… so many pseudonyms) took some time off to sleep and Necrokhsm filled in for her. Was a hard one too this week, no burns and all of the crap that put in to may us cry. But we did it and in a good time I think. Go check that stuff out.

Its that time of the month again too, no not that time, unboxing time! My Geek Boxes theme this month was Sidekicks and I am felt I got a great haul. Even if it didn’t include a can of Sidekick which apparently is still being made, cant remember if I like it or not.

We used to have a weekly schedule which in a way still exists, but it is spread over two weeks. This means that Throwbacks will be every two weeks when they start back up etc. Studies show that we were producing content too regularly, I mean regular is good but we were too good. So we have spread it out a bit and it also has allowed Binarycore to work on some new content. Which you are seeing with things like the Weekly Nightfall on Destiny. There are some other stuff in the works, but we are still not up to speed with making our content yet. We will get there…

Later Days.


My Geek Box February 2015 Unboxing: Sidekick

This months My Geek Box theme is Sidekicks. The guys and gals who are normally kids who fight alongside the superheroes.


Let’s Play: Destiny Nightfall Strike #3 Will of Crota (17.02.15)

No burns but all of the crap. Epic Angry Lightswitch Juggler. I mean that sounds like a cool circus act but not a great way to do the Nightfall strike. Its Omnigul again and we have a new member to the team to take her on.


Let’s Play: Destiny Nightfall Strike #2 The Nexus (10.02.15)

After how crazy last week was with all of the burns on this week Bungie has toned it down with only one burn. But those sadists have only gone and put Angry, Epic and Juggler on. I guess we should be happy there is no Lightswitch as we take on The Nexus


Let’s Play: Destiny Nightfall Strike #1 Archon Priest (04.02.15)

InanePanda, Little Pesh and Spyro take on this weeks Nightfall Strike in Destiny against the Archon Priest with all of the burns on. They have a new tactic to use against Aksor seeing as they can no longer hide under the platform.


Multiplayer Madness: #33 Destiny Control The Dark Below

The Dark Below expansion for Destiny has come with some new multiplayer maps. Bambi and Spyro decide to check it out after a long time away from playing competitively. Things could go better.


My Geek Box January 2015 Unboxing: Justice

This months theme is all about Justice. So expect to see superheroes of all walks of life.


Almost There (13/01/15 Update)

So we have been quiet for a while but soon this will be over. We have had our time off and it was fun, we hope you enjoyed yours but soon Binarycore will be back.

As you may no just after the midpoint of last year we moved locations and so had a new office space that we were going to use to produce our content. This didn’t go as planned and we had to leave the premises. But now we are near settled in our new digs and a week away from Fibre. Once we are back and connected we can start releasing content again.

Our schedule is going to be switched up a bit. We used to release three shows a week without fail and then other stuff ad hoc. This was a lot of content for a small operation like us. So we have turned our week into a two week cycle, thus creating a week A and week B. This doesn’t half the content by any means, for we have filled the spaces with new and interesting things. Once we start not all off our new shows will be live straight away, some will take some weeks to roll out.

So in short have had a good rest, but are now itching to get back and make some kick ass content.



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