Lets Play Destiny Nightfall Strike #34 Sunless Cell (24/11/15)

Personally this strike sounded like a lot of fun, but AccidentReport decided to bring us all down. Lets try and have some fun in the dark cell with that hanging over us.


Multiplayer Madness: #37 Destiny Iron Banner (Drunk Pesh Chronicles)

Iron Banner is back and this time with Year 2 they have changed a few things, for the most part its the drop rate of items. To celebrate this Pesh is on rum. RELEASE THE KRAKEN!


Unboxing: My Geek Box November 2015 TV and Movies

For some reason My Geek Box doubled up this month with the TV and Movies packages. So lets see what we got.


Lets Play Live: Nightfall #33 The Shadow Thief (17/11/15)

Taniks has called us out in the ways of the old, so we are going to give him some solar damage.


Let’s Play: Destiny Vault of Glass (No Time To Explain Quest)

Recently the Paradox mission came back to Destiny and we took this opportunity to get us the FWC ghosts. The next steps in the quest is to go and kill Atheon in the Vault of Glass. He is how we did.


Lets Play: Destiny Nightfall #32 Shield Brothers (10/11/15)

We have had some time off, but we are back and we are taking on the Shield Brothers who are trying to blow up the Dreadnaught.


Just a little update.

So over the past week we have been quiet when it comes to posting, which is odd as we recently have had a new surge of posting strength with the launch of Youtube Gaming. Well there is a great reason for this, and her name is Persephone. InanePanda and myself have just had a daughter and so are putting Binarycore into low power mode for a bit. We will post when we can and bring the site back up to what it was in time.

Later Days


Couch Co-op: The Master Chief Collection Halo CE (Part Seven)

There I was hoping that there wasn’t any flood in Halo, I was wrong. So very wrong. The flood are everywhere.


Let’s Play: Destiny The Taken King Story

The Taken King came out today, and as you know here at Binarycore we freaking love Destiny. So join Little Pesh, InanePanda and Spyro on their quest to wear Oryx’s ass as a hat.


Let’s Play Live : Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edtion Act III (Part Two)

InanePanda and I take on the second half of Act III on Diablo 3.



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