Let’s Play: Destiny Nightfall Strike #11 Winter’s Run

Rainbow burn on a nightfall, it has been a while. Aksor wont know what hit him, and neither will we. Also we speculate on what tomorrows update will be about.


This Week In Binarycore #132

One of our busier weeks this week, we aired a new show. So if you are into split screen lets plays or Halo, then go check out Couch Coop of Halo CE on the Master Chief Collection.

As always we are Destiny Nightfalling, and so is the rest of the world cause its not Valus. This time we have alot to talk about as House of Wolves DLC has been announced along with a trailer. Far too much to talk about, and with new information coming out weekly i am sure we will have more to say next week.

Its unboxing time and this months My Geek Box is Alliance themed. I wonder what WoW theme’d goodies i will get.


My Geek Box April 2015 Unboxing: Alliance

Alliance mostly means anything from the good side of any media. Not always true, but this month we will be getting some items from the righteous people.


Let’s Play: Destiny Nightfall Strike #10 The Devils Lair (14/04/15)

House of Wolves has been announced and there is a lot of speculation to be had. Little Pesh, InanaePanda and Spyro have a lot to talk about, and not much time to do it. Damn this easy Nightfall


Couch Co-op: The Master Chief Collection Halo CE (Part One)

InanePanda and I begin the long journey of playing through the whole Master Chief Collection. Part one of Halo CE and we have to get to grips with some really bad controls.


This Week In Binarycore #131

This week in the Nightfall we take on the apparently impossible Valus Ta’aruc. Its not really impossible, but due to no burns it seems the internet is giving it a week off. But not us.

Also its the second of the Child Play in Portal. Lets see how well Domvakiin gets on as the difficulty of the maps is upped.

Later Days


Child’s Play: Portal – Still Alive (Part 2)

We continue where we left off and join Domvakiin on his journey through the world of Portal.


Let’s Play: Destiny Nightfall Strike #9 Cerberus Vae III

A lot of people are wimping out this week. Something about Valus having too much health and there being no burns. Well that doesnt stop Binarycore, nope. Not us!


Throwback Thursday: Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box

Blaze is back for his first Throwback of 2015! And he’s joined by Dadge as they go toe to toe In Burnout Paradise!


Let’s Play: Destiny Nightfall Strike #8 Nexus

The Nexus is always a hectic strike when it comes to the final sections. That is if you dont cheese up on the ledge. Its even worse when there is a void burn, but that wont stop the clan of Binarycore.



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