This Week In Binarycore #129

No only was it our shortest Nightfall to date, but probably because of this we even got it online the same day we filmed it. We are getting better at the editing process and publishing videos. Next week my new PC arrives and it should hopefully make things more streamline.

Child’s Play is our new series where we do some child friendly gaming. Its something that we have had planned for almost a year and we were planning to start when we moved to a new location back in August. But that went south and a lot of things we wanted to do had to be postponed. This is one of them, but here we are with Domvakiin playing Portal.

Later Days


Child’s Play: Portal – Still Alive (Part 1)

My son has always been an avid gamer. So i set him the task of getting as far as he can in Portal. He doesn’t do too badly for a seven year old.


Let’s Play: Destiny Nightfall Strike #7 Summoning Pits

Looks like we predicted the correct Strike, just the wrong Burn. Lucky for us we have not unequipped our Arc weapons from last time. This shall be a cake walk.


This Week In Binarycore #128

We were busy in the week with social engagements, this lead to the recording of the Nightfall being put back a day. And then the complexity of the editing that was required put back the release by another day. But we got it out there and we got it done, even if we wiped twice. Gasp i know.

Cant believe its been a whole year since My Geek Box started, but it is true. This months theme is and we get some good swag with a great t-shirt.

Last week i spoke about our new show Child Play, and next week we are going to air the first episode of it on Thursday. Cant wait, and cant wait to get some new shows off the ground.

Later days


My Geek Box March 2015 Unboxing: Anniversaries and Landmarks

As My Geek Box celebrates a year of service, its taken its time to shower us with gifts along these theme.


Let’s Play: Destiny Nightfall Strike #6 Will of Crota

Bungie really like to let us know there is a DLC they brought out a while ago, cause its Will of Crota again. And not to spoil it, but this is our first recorded wiping for the Nightfall. Sad times, but we get our own back.


This Week In Binarycore #127

After a week of with our Nightfall series (this was really a week off, we did all the work but the recordings were so broken it wasnt worth attempting to fix) we are back with some Archon Priest action. Was anyone else suprised that we had to take on Aksor, we were.

Good news everyone, we have started recording on a new show. Not the Couch Coop like we said a week or so ago, but Childs Play. Now we went through several different versions of the title of this show and this is what we decided it should be. This is gaming that will be done with my son Dominic, he goes by Domakiin. First we have taken on Portal, he has got pretty far in 20mins, further than i thought. But you shall have to wait and see for that.

Later days


Lets Play: Destiny Nightfall Strike #5 Winter’s Run (10/03/15)

In a curve ball right out of left field to surprise everyone (no sarcasm) we are not fighting Omnigul but instead Aksor. We are sorry we were not hear last week, we had some technical problems that couldnt be fixed. We had similar this week but i have done my best to resync the action and it still looks pretty awesome. So… The Archon Priest!


Throwback Thursday: Arkham Asylum

Recently i picked Arkham Asylum back up to clear off some achievements, sadly i didn’t record any of this cause i am an idiot. So instead here is some of the Predator challenges, and i suck balls.


This Week In Binarycore #126

This week in Destiny Nightfall we are on Mars and taking on Valus Ta’aruc, this is obvious as we are Xbox players and so don’t have that Playstation exclusive Strike. Lucky fucks. Also it wouldn’t be in rotation for Nightfall. I think i am going off topic. This week Little Pesh, InanePanda and myself take it on in what we think is going to be the first time we dont pull it off first time.

We are almost ready to bring in a new show called “Couch Coop” where two Binarycore staff are going to play through a game the best way how. Split-screen. That’s right we are going to reduce our visibility to make room for a friend. And mostly this will be a happy thing. So keep an eye out for this.

Later Days…



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