Let’s Play: Destiny Nightfall Strike #29 Will of Crota (25/08/15)

We knew this day was coming soon. That she would be back. Omnigul with Void burn is always harder than it seems, so we have to bring back AccidentReport to help us out silence her screams.


Unboxing: My Geek Box August 2015 Toons

My Geek Box have given us a treat this month with a box of toons. What merch of your favourite cartoon TV shows will they have for you to open. Find out inside.


Let’s Play: FTL Captains Edition Kestrel (Part One)

FTL Captains Edition is a fan mod that adds a lot more to the game than it shipped with (hehe shipped). We will be trying to get to the end of the game using the base ship that the game comes with. Wont you join us on this adventure.


Throwback Thursday: Need For Speed Underground 2

Throwbacks are Back! Blaze and Dadge revisit Need For Speed Underground on the Playstation 2, testing out all of the old modes…


Let’s Play Destiny Nightfall Strike #28 The Shadow Thief (18/08/15)

Not long to go until The Taken King is here. We recap on what we know so far about year two in Destiny while taking out Taniks with some Solar and Void carnage.


Couch Co-op: The Master Chief Collection Halo CE (Part Six)

Level five was so long that we had to turn it into two episodes. We rejoin our heroes giving each other a good servicing in the lift.


Let’s Play: Destiny Nightfall Strike #27 Winters Run (11/08/15)

Last time we had this strike with these modifiers we got over confident and fucked up. Not this time my friends!


Child’s Play: Lego Marvel (Part One)

Lego are making games in everything these days, so of course there is a Marvel one seeing as Marvel are making films in everything.


Let’s Play: Destiny Nightfall Strike #26 The Devils Lair (04/08/15)

Do you remember Little Pesh, well he is back, and this time in Pog form. So as the slammer he is we take on the giant purple ball we decide to take it him down.


Couch Co-op: The Master Chief Collection Halo CE (Part Five)

Who knew level five of Halo was so long, I dont remember it like this. I am pretty sure there was less team killing too.



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