Loot Crate July Unboxing: Villains

As one of three of the main ‘mystery boxes’, I open Julys Loot Crate: Villains


Throwback Thursday: Perfect Dark Zero Multiplayer

So, last week, Spyro tried to murder me and accidentally killed a hostage. This week, I have a chance to get my revenge as we go against each other in the multiplayer…


Nerd Block: July Unboxing

As one of three of the main ‘mystery boxes’, what have I got in Julys Nerd Block


MyGeekBox July Unboxing: Animation

As one of three of the main ‘mystery boxes’, Blaze opens Julys MyGeekBox: Animation


Multiplayer Madness: #18 Halo 4

After how amazingly Blaze and Spyro so as a double act last week they decide to give it ago with a game of Doubles on Halo 4. This is not as simple as it sounds.


This Week In Binarycore #106

What a week, we had been preparing for our trip to Watford Comic Con where we had the DeerBeth booth. That was so much fun, so if you missed it check out our post about the event both in the lead up and the pictures of the day. Thank you to all who turned up and all who helped out. Hope to do this again.

See we are not just a gaming site; we are mostly a gaming site. Did someone say Multiplayer Madness Capture the Flag on Halo 4 Ragnarok? Well you should have cause Blaze and I kicked some ass on that. Never seen us work so well, and I think I have finally got him to like Halo.

Throwback Thursday this week we play Perfect Dark Zero, one of the first Xbox 360, both Blaze and I hate it but we give it another go. We kinda get the point of the mission wrong, and some things don’t go to plan. Its not really anybodies fault…

If all the people in the world died outs, I’d like to think coloured dots would continue where we all left off. Dot Wars is another high contender for this months “winner” of Indie Corner. Much fun was has in that game.

The week ends and we can have a look back. There is now a lot of DeerBeth artwork to be made due to several new commissioned works and people wanting to purchase stuff once it is finished. I think this means I need to redo the “purchasing” page on DeerBeth.co.uk rather quickly. We look forward to a Con like this happening again, and we even got some information about getting a booth at MCM, which has always been a dream.


DeerBeth Watford Comic Con 2014

So the first Watford Comic Con has been and gone and we are looking forward to the next one. We had a blast and we want to talk everyone that braved the heat and turned up. Although we didn’t make any sales at the event, mostly cause we were not there to sell, we did have several new commissions set up as well as people wanting to purchase certain pieces once they are complete.

Below is the video we were playing on the day to show off all of DeerBeth’s work as well as some pictures I took.


We spoke to the hosts and hopefully there will be another event like this before the year is out. See you there.




Indie Corner: Dot Wars

It all comes down to this, the people are dead and all that are left are the dots. Who in a weak attempt at humanity have segregated themselves into colour and are committing war! It seems they have successfully reached sentience. Blaze Vs I, Red Vs Blue… its on!


Throwback Thursday: Perfect Dark Zero Coop

I got Perfect Dark Zero with my Xbox 360 and haven’t played it since, so I’m going to need some help getting used to it again. Rather than playing solo I’ve acquired the ‘help’ of Spyro. With us at the helm together, what could go wrong?


Papermouth COMIC-CON @ Watford Museum!

So something amazing is happening this weekend. If you are from the Watford (and surrounding) area then I suggest you head on over to the Watford Comic Convention. This is taking place at Watford Museum which is minutes away from Watford High Street station on Saturday 19th July.

Why are we so excited about it, well DeerBeth who is the genius behind our comic and responsible for all of our T-shirt designs is going to have a booth there. The majority of Binarycore are going to be there to show our full support of her as well as local artists.

The even runs from 1700 with many activities going on for children such as creating your own comic book superhero! There will be other comic creators and artists having booths showing off their work. There will be live music going on until Sam Meadows of F4LR is going to continue with a DJ Set until 2200.

DeerBeth is going to be offering unique sketches on the day for attendees and also talking new commission requests as well as order for prints. If you go to her website you can see existing drawings as well as a Borderlands piece she is going to be unveiling at the event.

We hope to see you there where we will be showing off other Binarycore work as well.



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